Field of Services


Contract Law

The legal relationship between the parties should be determined in a complete, healthy and unambiguous manner. ÜLGEN Law&Consultancy provides services for examining, evaluating and arranging the contractual relationship between the parties. One of the main objectives of ÜLGEN Law&Consultancy is to organize all kinds of legal relations between the parties, especially commercial sales agreements, rent agreements, construction agreements, work agreements, license agreements, business agreements, brokerage agreements, confidentiality agreements.


Start-Up Law

Start-Up Law is a hybrid and fairly new branch of law arising from the interaction between various law branches. ÜLGEN Law&Consultancy believes that the spirit of entrepreneurship needs to be reinforced with the law in the light of concrete rules. In this context, ÜLGEN Law&Consultancy provides preparation and presentation of information notes about the contracts required by Start-Ups, personal data protection policies, legal recommendations and public obligations to be fulfilled.


Intellectual Property Law

Intellectual Property Law is a branch of law that protects the financial and moral rights of the author within the framework of the principle of benefiting from the work at the highest rate. In today's world, where access to the work has become simpler, especially with the widespread use of the internet and the digitization of almost every product produced, attacks on intellectual property have become a common practice. ÜLGEN Law & Consultancy, which attaches special importance to intellectual property violations in digital environments; in addition to the protection of software and applications; it provides a wide range of consultancy services from game studios to corporate companies, specializing in digital games. At the same time, the founder of ÜLGEN Law & Consultancy, Atty. İlkim Ülgen's book "The Protection of Digital Games in Turkish Law", which he wrote with Research Associate A. Harun Ataşlar, had its first edition in 2021.


Personal Data Protection Law

The Law on the Protection of Personal Data, which came into force on 07/05/2016, has made a name for itself with its close connection with fundamental rights and freedoms and the provision of fines of millions of Turkish liras in case of violation. In today's commercial life, where data processing becomes a must, the obligation to create a Personal Data Protection and Privacy Policy is increasing day by day. ÜLGEN Law&Consultancy monitors current developments in national and international legislation, in particular the Law on the Protection of Personal Data (KVKK) and the European Union General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), and closely reviews Board decisions. In line with these resources, it organizes Personal Data Protection and Privacy Policy, provides trainings and consultancy services and defends its clients against judicial and administrative authorities against possible sanctions.


Commercial Law

The Commercial Law, which regulates the relations between merchants, is very important in terms of regulating the rights and obligations of parties. ÜLGEN Law&Consultancy; provides legal support to its clients in sub-branches of Commercial Law such as corporate law, unfair competition law, agency law, negotiable instruments law at national and international level.


Enforcement and Bankruptcy Law

In today's modern society, it is not deemed legitimate for the creditor to obtain their right directly from the borrower. In this respect, the creditor may demand the fulfillment of the right only through the coercive power of the state. ÜLGEN Law&Consultancy operates within the framework of the professional rules of lawyers to ensure that the creditor client receives the claim in the shortest time possible and also aims to secure the rights of the debtor client arising from the law.


Real Estate Law

Real Estate Law, blended with Turkish Civil Code, Construction Zoning Law, Settlement Law, Municipality Law and similar laws, is built on the concept of “ownership” which is one of the cornerstones of civilization. ÜLGEN Law&Consultancy supports its clients in this field subject to strict form of requirements and follows the legal process closely.


International Law

To be valid in Turkey for recognition of foreign court decisions given in foreign countries must open the recognition - enforcement proceedings. Otherwise, the decision given by foreign legal entities will not gain legislation by the Republic of Turkey and this situation will lead to many unwanted problems. Being aware that unwanted problems may evolve to unwanted results, ÜLGEN Law&Consultancy is in contact with its clients in Turkish, French and English, working with common interpreters to provide services in other languages, and providing litigation and advisory services in order to prevent potential problems.


Labor Law

Labor Law, which is directly affected by the nature of the development of the social state, is extremely important in terms of regulating employee - employer relations. ÜLGEN Law&Consultancy plays a direct role in mediation and litigation process as an employee or employer's representative in case the sensitive balance established by Labor Law, Social Security Law and similar legislation changes and deteriorates against a party.